Purpose of this Privacy Statement

NordCheck Oy and its employees, partners, and affiliates (“NordCheck”) are committed to protecting your privacy and personal data.

NordCheck processes your personal data in accordance with international and European Data Protection Principles and applicable personal data legislation (including the European General Data Protection Regulation, as applicable).

This privacy statement provides you information about the personal data processing activities conducted by NordCheck. It may be amended by solution specific privacy statements and additional local documentation. In this Privacy Statement we present the rights granted by the European Union data protection laws. Your rights as a data subject may also vary from country to country depending on the applicable privacy laws.

This privacy statement is divided into different sections that relate to the different logical personal data processing functions in NordCheck. At the end of this privacy statement, you will receive information of the rights you have as a data subject.

NordCheck Webpages and Internet Services
NordChecks Customer Contact and Contract Management
NordCheck’s Supplier and Subcontractor Data
Data Subjects’ Rights
Updates to the Privacy Statement

Data Controller and Contact Information

NordCheck is the data controller of the respective data subject’s personal data.

In all data protection related matters, data subjects may contact NordCheck by using the following contact information:

NordCheck Oy

Innopoli 1
Tekniikantie 12, 02150 Espoo, Finland

Contact person: [ ]
All requests that relate to using of data subject’s rights can be send to NordCheck by using the contact form available on the webpage at (select option “Personal Data Enquiry”).

1. Nordcheck Webpages and Internet Services

This section provides you with general information on the processing of your personal data by NordCheck related to this website and the other internet services of NordCheck (the “Site”). NordCheck will process your personal data collected through the Site in accordance with this Privacy Statement and applicable laws.

Please read this Privacy Statement carefully if you plan to brows or otherwise use the Site. If you do not agree with this Privacy Statement, you must leave the Site.

1.1. Collected Personal Data

Generally, you can visit the Site without entering any personal data. The Site is technically divided into separate sections some of which may require us to collect more personal data of you while some may be used without processing any personal data.

When visiting the Site, certain technical and other information is automatically sent by your computer to us (i.e. IP address, the type of your browser and the source of your visit). We also collect information about your website usage information by using cookies. Please see the Cookies section of this Privacy Statement for further information.

On certain parts of the Site, you may be asked to provide personal data and/or sign up for the service to access a service that you have requested. Once you register on the Site or have otherwise been assigned a specific identification code to access your accounts, we may request that you provide certain information.

1.2. The Purposes and Legal Grounds of the Processing

The purpose of NordCheck’s processing of personal data collected through the Site is to

ensure an efficient and secure use of the Site;
develop the Site for a better quality and broader scope of services;
provide customized services and content recognizing your specific needs and interests, including surveys and questionaries that can result in defining customer specific (compliance) status information and customer profiles;
improve our services to you;
contact you;
conduct research and collect statistics (e.g. what sections of our Site the users visit and how much time they spend on the Site).

NordCheck is to produce cost efficient services without you having to register separately to each of the different services provided on the Site.

The legal grounds for data processing are NordCheck’s legitimate interests relating to the abovementioned purposes. It is fully voluntary to e.g. participate in surveys and assessment. It is expected that anyone providing such business specific information is authorized to disclose such information to NordCheck. When required by applicable laws, NordCheck will request data subject’s consent for personal data processing.

1.3. Source(s) of Personal Data and Retention Period

The personal data is received directly from the data subject or obtained in connection with their use of the Site.

The personal data will be stored as long as needed for the purposes it has been collected for. After that, the personal data will be effectively deleted or made anonymous.

1.4. Cookies

From time to time NordCheck may place information, commonly known as “cookies”, on your computer or mobile device to allow us to identify you, provided that you have consented to the placing of cookies on your computer or device for example by opt-in function or by way of changing the browser settings. Cookies give NordCheck information on how and when you have used the Site and help NordCheck to improve the Site for a better service.

Cookies are today commonly used on many web sites. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may set your web browser or use NordCheck cookie setting tool to disable them. Kindly note, that disabling cookies may prevent you from using certain services on the Site, especially in respect to surveys.

1.5. Remarketing

The Site may use Google AdWords Remarketing to display advertisements based on your recent visit on the Site (“Remarketing”). Remarketing at the Site is used for building awareness of NordCheck solutions and services. The information regarding the visits is collected by placing a third-party cookie on your computer. You may opt-out from Remarketing related to use of the Site through NordCheck cookie setting tool. You may use more comprehensive opt-out options relating to your use of third party websites through visiting the Network Advertising Initiative website, by modifying the remarketing ad settings on the Google Ad Settings site or by disabling cookies.

Opt-out for Google AdWords Remarketing »

1.6. Website Analytics

NordCheck uses website analytics, such as Google Analytics, to gather statistics about the users of the Site with the aim to improve the contents of the Site. Presentations enabled by Seidat, provides means to collect statistical data of reviewing presentations.  Normally this data is anonymous, however, if you have identified yourself when downloading content from the website, logged into NordCheck online service or entered the website through a link in an e-mail, we may be able to identify the analytics data collected about your use of the Site. You may use the opt-out functions of NordCheck cookie setting tool to disable NordCheck from tracking your visits to the Site. You need to repeat this action when you use different computers and/or browsers to visit NordCheck’s websites. To opt-out from Google Analytics, you may download Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Opt-out for Google analytics »

1.7. Social Media

NordCheck uses actively LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for marketing, sales and other relevant business purposes enabled by social media means. NordCheck integrates Social Media platforms to it websites enabling additional services, related statistical tools and content. NordCheck may store business relevant inquiries and information its customer information management platforms.

1.8 Transfers of Personal Data

NordCheck will not transfer any personal data outside the NORDCHECK or its partners, affiliates, subsidiaries and subcontractors. Due to the technical and practical requirements some of the personal data may be processed by subcontractors located outside the European Union or European Economic Area or at the subcontractors’ servers outside the European Union or European Economic Area. However, such subcontractors have agreed to comply with the appropriate data processing standards.

NordCheck may provide aggregate statistics about its customers, sales, traffic patterns, and other related Site information to reputable third parties, but these statistics will include no personal data.

2. NordCheck’s Customer Relationship Management Databases

Customary to contemporary due business practices, NordCheck uses its platforms and related databases to manage and track our sales and marketing activities. NordCheck databases include personal data of our customers’, potential customers’ and other companies’ representatives with whom NordCheck has a business relationship or wants to develop one. NordCheck databases may also include personal data of NordCheck’s customers’ or business partners’ customers or end-users who contact NordCheck relating to systems under NordCheck maintenance as well as personal data related to external stakeholders NordCheck is interested to contact and provide with general information of NordCheck and its business (e.g. media representatives, economic influencers).

This section provides more information about NordCheck’s personal data processing relating to NordCheck platforms it uses internally.

2.1. Collected Personal Data

Following information is collected and processed in connection with Customer Information Management platform:

mobile phone number
fixed phone
Possible other information relevant for the business relationship and services, opportunities and organization

Such personal information is later in this Section 2 of the privacy statement referred to as “personal data” and the individuals, whose personal data is processed, are referred to as “data subjects”.

2.2. The Purposes and Legal Grounds of the Processing

The purpose why NordCheck processes personal data is to facilitate NordCheck’s business, support sales activities, assessments, projects, service deliveries, maintenance services and invoicing, contacting customers for contract management and marketing purposes and otherwise maintaining the customer relationship. NordCheck may also use personal data to handle incidents and claims as well as provide assistance as requested by customer.

NordCheck may contact the data subjects for conducting customer surveys. In order to improve its services NordCheck would like to receive the survey responses with the customer contact person’s name. The processing of your name and any other personal data in connection with customer loyalty surveys is based on your consent. All answers and data collected in connection with such surveys will be classified as confidential within NordCheck and adequate security measures are employed when handling and transferring the data.

Processing of the personal data is necessary for the performance of sales contracts to which the customer company is a party. Further, processing of personal data is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by NordCheck relating to its regular business purposes. When required by applicable laws, NordCheck will request data subject’s consent for personal data processing.

2.3. Source(s) of Personal Data and Retention Period

The personal data has been received from the customers or obtained in connection with their use of NordCheck’s products and services. Personal data may also originate from NordCheck’s representatives based on their business interactions with the data subjects. In certain cases NordCheck may collect personal data from public registers and other reliable external sources.

The personal data will be stored as long as needed for the above said purposes. After that, the personal data will be effectively deleted or made anonymous.

3. NordCheck’s Supplier and Subcontractor Data

NordCheck and its employees, partners, subsidiaries and affiliates use solutions and database technology to manage the contact data of  NordCheck partner’s, suppliers’ and subcontractors’ representatives.

4. Data Subjects’ Rights

Data subjects may at any time contact NordCheck and request access to their personal data. NordCheck will at the data subjects’ request rectify or erase any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data. Data subject requests can be sent to NordCheck by [ ] (select option “Personal Data Enquiry”).

If the personal data processing is based on consent, data subject is entitled to withdraw the consent at any time. If the personal data processing is based on NordCheck’s legitimate interest, data subject may object such processing based on a specific individual circumstance. Data subject must identify such circumstance in the request relating to objection.

Under certain circumstances data subjects may also object to the processing of their personal data as well request data portability. In the event the data subjects have concerns or remarks regarding NordCheck’s processing activities, they also have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority.

NordCheck may refuse a request or obtain a reasonable fee for fulfilling a request if the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive or NordCheck has another legitimate ground for refusing the request. Such legitimate grounds could e.g. prevent NordCheck from deleting personal data that needs to be retained due to local legal requirements or to maintain an audit trail until the end of local claim period. NordCheck may also need to retain the data to be able to fulfil contractual obligations.

Please also note, that if NordCheck blocks or deletes your personal data as requested, NordCheck may not be able to perform the services you would like to use or have previously ordered or requested or provide you the content you would like to download or receive.

5. Updates to the Privacy Statement

NordCheck develops the Site, presentation formats, social media alignment, its business as well as its data protection related processes and tools continuously and reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement. NordCheck hopes that you review this Privacy Statement from time to time for any amendments. To the extent required by applicable privacy laws, NordCheck may contact you also through other interfaces or by using the collected contact information to provide information about updates that have material effects to you as a data subject.

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