NordCheck Oy

Development of M-Files document management software started in 2001 and the first metadata-based document management software release came out to market in 2005. During the years M-Files has developed truly a feature-rich Information management solution - M-Files Enterprise Content management platform. Today M-Files is focusing on technology and platform development - not specific and different solution verticals like compliance business or solutions for different business verticals.

NordCheck has been established focusing on compliance verticals and offers the M-Files QMS-based Compliance solution for enterprise level clients via global partners.

NordCheck was founded by Janne Järvenoja, Kai Linnervuo and Esa Kanninen in December 2017.

Today's Compliance drivers

Well-managed compliance brings competitive advantage manifesting as well-functioning work culture internally and as growing trust from customers towards company's business.

Challenges and Risks

Laws, regulations and other demands lay more burden to companies and affect every-day operations - causing wasting resources to inefficient bureaucracy. The society demands more tangible ethical and conduct-based commitments from companies.

Upholding these principles and ways of working in today's companies is often time-consuming manual work - information is scattered across multiple systems.

Regulation and Compliance demands are growing year to year – compliance is everyone’s business.

Corporations struggle with being compliant when utilizing huge amount of data and information in different processes. It is not enough that a single point of information silo or IT application is compliant alone. Compliance must cover all corporate functions and processes.

Cost of Compliance is growing simultaneously with risk of being non-compliant will have a huge financial impact for corporations.

Ethics and value-based aspects, such as environmental issues, have grown more important for investors and other partners - they hold significant value when making decisions.

NordCheck solution

Managing Compliance equals Managing Information. For efficient Compliance management all needed compliance information must be available for key processes as well as for key persons when needed.

NordCheck Automated Compliance platform offers effective, flexible and user-friendly solution for managing company's key business processes. The more versatile and global the company's focus is, the greater benefits the platform brings.

NordCheck is helping customers to manage compliance strategy, demonstrate and report and manage compliance and risks real time with all corporate processes.

NordCheck solution operates over an award winning M-Files platform utilizing Intelligent Metadata Layer architecture and Artificial Intelligence for automating compliance operations with all customer processes and functions.

NordCheck is focusing on compliance in different business verticals and is securing high-end support and customer satisfaction together with global System Integrators, Technology partners and Compliance service providers.

NordCheck Automated Compliance solution is supporting management of enterprise wide compliance needs for companies having both Industry standard and legacy IT solutions in all industries.

Visionary compliance

NordCheck Team

  • Janne Järvenoja
  • CEO, Chairman of the board
  • M-Files: Head of Legal - Avanade (Accenture): Legal director of Compliance & GRC specialist & Subject Matter Expert
  • Kai Linnervuo
  • COO, Member of the board
  • Business IT Executive and Corporate business processes specialist - M-Files: Strategic Account Manager - Director of Sales at EUnet, Fujitsu, Finnet group and HP
  • Esa Kanninen
  • Advisor, Member of the board
  • Advice and growth specialist - VP of Venture operations, Sales Director, Head of strategy at TSF, Satama interactive and ISS
  • Petri Väyrynen
  • Member of the Board
  • Founder & CEO Wakaru, serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor to several startups
  • Jim Geary
  • Member of the Board
  • CEO, Chairman, board member of several successful start-ups and growth companies, including M-Files. In 2017, Jim Geary was named Forbes Magazine #1 Cloud Computing Company CEO.
  • Ville Alijärvi
  • Director, Customer Solutions & Partner
  • Long-term delivery and team lead from M-Files with comprehensive experience in delivering M-Files projects. Partner and Pre-Sales support
  • Elina Konttinen
  • Industry Compliance Advisor
  • Industry specialist, with 20 years of experience in global industrial organizations, in various positions, such as HSEQ-manager and Project Manager
  • Petra Alijärvi
  • In-House Coach
  • Communications professional with passion for human interaction and work culture.

Founders and the management team have deep expertise about Legal, Compliance, Regulated industries, Channel, ICT-, M-Files Technologies, Finance and Change consulting