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NordCheck provides a state-of-art platform for comprehensive compliance management. Badly managed compliance decreases efficiency, increases regulatory and PR risks and reduces employee and customer satisfaction. NordCheck offers the Compliance Platform to customers through system integrators and compliance partners.

NordCheck Compliance Platform is powered by M-Files technology - a technology leader praised by the analysts in Enterprise Content Management and industry specialists. NordCheck Compliance Solution utilizes M-Files platform capabilities and enables seamless integrations with legacy systems through M-Files Intelligent Information Management.

Automated compliance operations on existing data
Build on proven, state-of-art M-Files technology
Visionary Compliance - NordCheck has a strategic view and experience on optimal use of the platform
Strategic compliance management, planning and supervision at C-level
Holistic Compliance extending to supply chain and vendors
Content and risk management integrated with existing ERP and CRM platforms like SAP and




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